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Over 12 Year of experience in Media Industry.
Presently Working With Network 18 Group (Homeshop18) as a Video Editor/ Smoke Artist/ Colorist (In Promo Department)

Expertise in working on Final Cut Pro, Avid, Velocity, Adobe Premier and Knowledge about all kind of postproduction software.

Work as a freelancer in NCR area with NODEARTS.

Underwent training at A.I.R (Jalandhar) on Sound Recording and Broadcasting

Creative and hardworking executed major projects ENG, News, Multy camera

productions, Documentary film, Add film, Fictions, video albums etc. under tremendous pressure.

Organizational Experience

Working with Hummer M, Bhojpuri Music Channel (CNEB NETWORK) as Post Production In Coordinator / Music Schedulers / Promotional Editor.

Work with Jai Ma Editing Studio (Jalandhar, Punjab) from 2005-Jun 2006. As NLE Intern.

Jun’06-Aug’06 With S1 news Channel (senior media Pvt. Ltd.) as a NLE trainee.

Aug 2006 – Aug 2008 with Channel Punjab [Nissan Media (India) Pvt. Ltd. (Satellite channel broadcast in Europe) as a Non liner Editor]

Sayaa Production (Chandigarh) as a freelance video editor.

Part Time Proceeding NODEARTS small scale Production house ( ).

Thought=creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions that speeds the creation.

- Rhonda Byrne -

We all work with one infinite power .

- Rhonda Byrne -


/What I do

  • Film and Television Production: Wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects from inception to completion. Effective at organizing and coordinating shoots; experience using production equipment. Conduct script analysis and contribute to script changes. Ability to write and edit scenes, treatments, and scripts; competent in film and sound editing.
  • Administration and Communication: Provide efficient administrative support for a diverse array of program participants and staff. Prioritize and organize workloads to meet strict deadlines; train and support team members. Establish and maintain strong working relationships with management, staff, and internal and external groups.
  • Technical Proficiencies: Adobe Package (Photoshop, After Effect, Premier Pro, Adobe Audition) , Final Cut Pro 7-X, AVID, Velocity, Hiero(The Foundry), Nuke Studio, Nuke X, Smoke On Mac, MS Office, Final Draft, Mac OX, Windows Os, Hackintosh , Linux, VPS Server Installation(Linux Based), Clip Bucket Installation (PHP Video Script), World Press Installation (Theme), Canon DSLR Cameras…etc.
  • Strengths and Accomplishments: Enthusiastic and creative; demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and objectives. Excellent organizational and communication talents; solid skills in improving productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Served as VFX & Color Grading Artist for Maar Deo Award-winning Punjabi short film (Iron Man Awards 2017).


Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.
– James Cameron


My top priority is implementing the correct strategy for your business to help you accomplish your goals. whether you are trying to get more twitter followers, maximizing your Facebook posts, or interacting with your fans on youtube, I will help you get the most out of your social feeds resulting in more conversions for your company.


I will be involved in the creation and ongoing support of a large high-end visual effects pipeline and asset/project management system, as well as Nuke & After effect tools and utilities. This is a service-oriented & technical creative role which is creating a pre- visualisation to prove anything in cinema.


12years of experience
7TV Channel & Production House
32400hours of work
8000coffee cans


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70%Social Media



/Work done so far

In last 13 year’s plenty of creative work in the field of Media, Film, Print, Art, Social Management & Editing System Trouble Shooting etc. list is long but i am going to share some of my best work on that by which everybody will get an idea about me & my profile.


I Like and i love everything that has to do with cinema, writing, directing, editing, creating music, and even acting
That's the thing about making a movie: You never finish editing. They just take it away from you..


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